Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy entails the nature of cookies and how they are utilized, the many types of cookies we employ, the data we gather via cookies and how we use that data, as well as how to manage cookie preferences. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details on how we use, handle, and protect your personal data. You are always free to modify or revoke your agreement with the Cookie Declaration on our website. In our Privacy Policy, you may find out more about who we are, how to get in touch with us, and how we handle personal data.

Cookies: What Are They?

Small text files we refer to as cookies are used to store data fragments. When the website loads in your browser, they are saved on your device. These cookies assist us in maintaining the website’s functionality, enhancing its security, enhancing user experience, understanding how the website operates, and identifying areas for development.

Cookie Usage

Our website, like the majority of online services, employs both first-party and third-party cookies for a variety of objectives. First-party cookies do not store any of your personally identifying information but are generally required for a website to work properly. The primary purposes of the third-party cookies used on our website are to better understand how the website operates, how you spend your time on it, to keep our services safe, to deliver advertisements to you which are per your needs, and to generally give you a better user experience and speed up future interactions with our website.

Different Types of Cookies

Essential: In order for you to use our site to its maximum potential, some cookies are required. They enable us to preserve user sessions and guard against security risks. They don’t gather or keep any personal data. These cookies, for instance, let you sign into your account, put items in your shopping cart, and complete a secure checkout.

Statistics: The number of visits to the website, the number of unique visitors, the pages that visitors have viewed, the source of their visit, and other statistics are all stored in these cookies. This information aids us in our comprehension and analysis of the website’s performance and to identify areas for development.

Marketing: We have adverts on our website. Marketing cookies used to make the adverts you see on our site more relevant to you. These cookies also assist us in monitoring the effectiveness of these advertising efforts. The third-party ad providers may also use the data in these cookies to display advertisements on your browser for other websites.

Functional: These provide a number of optional website features. These features include sharing website material on social media or embedding media like videos.

Preferences: These cookies assist us in saving your settings and surfing preferences, such as your preferred language, to ensure that your subsequent visits to the website go more smoothly.

Controlling Cookie Preferences

The “Privacy & Cookie Policy” page is available on your screen if you decide to modify your choices while still surfing the website. This will re-display the consent notification and give you the option to modify your selections or revoke your consent altogether. Additionally, different browsers offer various ways to block and erase cookies that websites utilize. Your browser’s settings can be modified to block or erase cookies.