Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The website is a repository of unadulterated knowledge for cognitive purposes that is accessible to everyone should they need to refer to it. Through these pages, we spread awareness about gambling’s legality, safety, and responsibility in all of its manifestations. On this website, the reader can come across published texts from experts in the area who have amassed many years of expertise to date in this industry.

Conditions of Use

Acceptance of the guidelines below is a requirement for using this portal. Do not use this website if you do not agree to these terms. Only use the content provided herein for informational purposes. If this information is misused, the owners, editorial staff, and contributors are not legally responsible.


The entire content on this website, including all articles, photographs, logos, and other elements, is copyright protected. This forbids any illegal copying, alterations, distribution, publication, or other uses of the information. The site incorporates logos and images from other sources, all of which are acknowledged along with the source they originally came from. Please get in touch with the proprietors if you run into any issues or discover any content that violates your copyright; upon notifying, it will be removed post-haste. 

Responsible Gaming

Only responsible gaming is promoted on this website. Only online casinos and more broadly gambling websites’ links, advice, information, and gaming suggestions are included in the contents of this portal. Every aspect of the game, whether it be online or offline, will be directly dependent on the player’s participation, and in the event of issues, neither the site’s proprietors nor the editorial team can be held responsible.

We have always advocated for responsible gaming, to the point that we have turned it into an official fight: gambling is not a tool to solve financial issues, but rather a harmless diversion that allows people to have fun without going beyond. Therefore, the texts’ writers are not responsible for any losses. All the portals reviewed herein are legal, secure, and traceable transactions.

Website Privacy Policy

We wish to let you know that any personal information you offer to the site will be handled legally.

In accordance with this Law, the principles of legality and transparency will guide the data processing procedure. The following information is provided to the user in writing with relation to the processing that takes place:

Optionality: The user can either provide or withhold personal information. Should they choose not to provide, they will not be able to use the website. 

Collection Method: Taking into full consideration security limits and legality as prescribed by the law, this information will be gathered via electronic and/or computerised methods.

Dissemination: The personal information collected shall be used solely within the scope for which it was collected.

Herein are found the rights of the owner to whom said information belongs to:

The user shall:

  • Discover whether the information exists in the site’s database and get confirmation or denial.
  • Obtain details regarding the source of the personal information.
  • Learn more about the status, process, and objectives of the data collection on the website.
  • Obtain the data’s change, correction, blockage, or deletion.
  • Refuse to have personal information used for marketing or promotional reasons.